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How Can Short Term Bridging Finance Help Me?

In today’s noisy business world, short terms bridging finance has become quite popular both within the property business sector and many are approaching bridging finance without knowing exactly how it works. Short term finance should be deeply and thoroughly analysed before applying for such loaning procedures, let’s analyse why. What’s Bridging Finance? Bridging finance, as […]

Are Bridging Loans Regulated?

Per definition, bridging loans are financial applications done within a small timeframe (usually up to a maximum of 1 year) and understanding their regulation process isn’t extremely complex. Bridging loans become, in fact, regulated when the loan is secured for a property which currently has occupiers living there. With this in mind, let’s try to […]

How To Finance Buying A Business in 2019

When it comes to finance and buying a business, there are several variables which should be taken into consideration. Approaching such matter requires, in fact, a properly set up plan, especially if the owner’s intentions are related to franchising the business or cover this initial loan with future investments (this is mainly related to startups). […]

Is Blockchain The Future Of Banking?

There has been a trend in the technological development of things (ToT) which have been fluctuating in terms of relevance since 2015: the blockchain. Mainly associated with cryptocurrencies and their latest wave of investment-related platforms, the blockchain has attacked and “contaminated” many different business sectors, and the banking realm wasn’t an exception. With this in […]

Are You Eligible For A Bridging Loan?

Taking out a bridging loan can be a confusing process if you are unfamiliar with it. You may be overloaded with information when trying to compare lenders, elongating the process - wasting valuable time. If you’re applying for a bridging loan, it’s likely you’ll want to receive it as quickly as possible for bridging the [...]