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What Is Development Finance?

Development finance is a short-term lending solution for those looking to fund residential or commercial property developments. This type of loan can cover anything from construction projects to land purchase. It could be put towards converting a property into flats, building a new home or re-constructing your existing one.

People looking to take out a property development loan often need a helping hand in funding their construction work, as their finances may be tied up elsewhere. That’s where can help. We understand funding property development isn’t always black and white, particularly if you’re developing it to sell in the future. Development finance gives you that flexibility, with the opportunity to repay the loan as part of a regular payment plan.

You will be able to talk through your finance options with one of our experts. They will be on hand to make sure you’re choosing the best deal that works for you. Whether you’re looking for mezzanine finance, a residential or commercial loan, our dedicated team of advisors are here to help. Simply fill in our quick enquiry form and receive a response within 24 hours.

Bridging Loans For Property

Both commercial property developers and residential homeowners are eligible to apply for property finance. Before you apply, please note that development finance is more appropriate for a large scale project as opposed to light refurbishment. However, we deal with every application on a case-by-case basis and will guide you every step of the way. Be sure to discuss this with one of our experts in the initial stages so we can decide on which loan is best for your needs. If you are unsure about the amount you require, try our bridging loan calculator to see how much you can borrow today.

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Which Loan Applies To You?

There is a range of loans available depending on your personal circumstances. Each may have varying terms and payback times. Take a look at our breakdown below to establish which is most appropriate for your development project.

Mezzanine Finance

Mezzanine finance is known as the middle ground between debt and equity finance. It’s generally only available to those property developers that have a successful track record. The developers should have a history of profitability and a good reputation. Mezzanine finance can be useful in a range of situations, for example, it’s commonly used for management buy-outs and funding property developments. If you’re a property developer looking for more information regarding our mezzanine finance then please do get in touch with one of our advisors.

Residential Properties

In the instance that you’re looking to finance heavy refurbishment or reconstruction on your home, you will be better suited to bridging loans for property as opposed to a typical loan. Property development loans and development finance in general can give you the initial funds you need to commence the build. The amount you need to borrow will greatly depend on the scale of the project. We will work with you to establish a realistic sum that covers your costs and is manageable for your budget.

Commercial Properties

You may be a firm or a group of partners forming an entity to refurbish a commercial property, on the other hand, you could be starting from scratch building from the ground-up. Either way, property development finance can help you fund the project from conception to completion. We’ll provide you with a workable loan on a repayment plan that suits you, so you have the confidence to fulfil your development knowing your finances are covered. Contact us to talk to one of our team today or take a look at our FAQ for more information.

Commercial Development Finance vs Private Development Finance

When approaching development finance as a whole, the same principles apply to both commercial development finance and private development finance. Regardless of your goals, there are virtually no differences between the two, given the fact that they both rely on the same exit routes and timeframes. Although extremely similar in their setup and execution, both shouldn’t be confused with auction finance, which is a completely different matter and it’s mostly related to privates trying to sell their properties.