e-Commerce Marketing Approaches In Finance for 2019

The state of business in 2019 has definitely drastically revolved around quick conversions and sales funnels which are rapidly editable and, most importantly, monitorable. e-Commerce as a whole has been one of the biggest (if not the actual biggest) revolutions which have happened in the last 10 years. With a very simple, yet functioning, marketing approach many companies have decided to transpose and apply such strategies to their lead generation process. Let’s analyse, in fact, how e-Commerce marketing has been impacting the finance world in 2019.

Lead Generation Made Simple

When it comes to lead generation, there are several instances of how quick e-Commerce strategies have been impacting many companies’ marketing behaviour: paid social ads, which generally were related to fashion brands, creative and design-related pieces have been used with a less “corporate” tone within the finance sphere, confirming how such development plans can be run via channels which are not “commonly used” in this business sector. The simplification of services’ procedures, if done properly within the finance sphere is definitely a massive content marketing and lead generation factor and, therefore, should be something which is highly sought by every marketing team who wants to stay competitive within this very delicate, yet impactful business sphere.

SEO-friendly Portals

In a world where everyone is browsing the internet on a daily basis, it’s important to keep to understand the impact of how digital marketing strategies are shaping the business world: SEO, in particular, has been the most looked after form of digital marketing within finance-related companies. This is mainly because of the fact that PPC ads for such keywords are extremely expensive, reaching £12 p/click. With this in mind, having a marketing strategy which is focusing on the long run is incredibly important and, combined with the above-mentioned paid social one, could create a solid lead generation process.

Limiting Human Interaction

Applying for open bridging loans could be quite complicated especially if the instructions aren’t clear enough, which is why this could be a double-edged sword: creating an enquiry form which is efficient and provides all the details, like ours, in fact, is proven to generate far better results in terms of conversion rate, leading the client to a successful yet easy to understand application form. This once again comes from the understanding of how quick e-Commerce strategies are heavily applied to user experience, another massive part of finance and fintech in 2019.

To Conclude

Finance has gone through a massive change of directions in the last couple of years, moving from a very strict, corporate approach to a far more friendly one, which is removing numbers and data at first to better inform potential clients on what the services are about.